All images are available in a variety of sizes and formats.

BLOC 10mm White

Bloc printsPrinted using pigment inks with 100 year colour-fastness and UV protection.
Mounted on to a 10mm lightweight rigid PVC foam board with a matt or gloss lamination to protect from scratches, damp and other elements.
Perfect for bathrooms, kitchens,conservatories and around your home.

A 3  420 mm x 279 mm … £59
A 2  594 mm x 420 mm … £89
A 1   841 mm x 594 mm … £125
380 mm (15”) square … £59
500 mm (19¾”) square … £89


ChromaLuxe printsChromaLuxe® – the world’s leading brand of high definition sublimation aluminium.
The image is infused into the surface of the aluminium rather than being printed on it. The overall effect is of amazing colour and clarity.

Key features: 100 years colour fastness, light weight, easy to clean, scratch resistant, rustproof and fire resistant, making it perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, conservatory and around your home.

200 mm x 300 mm … £59
300 mm x 400 mm … £99
600 mm x 507 mm … £165
300mm … £69
400mm … £125
500mm … £159


splashbackAluminium Di-Bond material is both durable and elegant with a wide colour gamut producing stunning colours. The panels are lightweight, strong and weatherproof, making them a great choice for sophisticated and unique garden art as well as impressive wall art for interior art works and projects such as kitchen or bathroom splashbacks. The panels have a white aluminium outer with a 3mm composite plastic core.

'Sunflowers' splashback installed in kitchenPricing Formula
It doesn’t matter what the proportions are, the largest dimension dictates the price. So:

  • if the longest side is 79cm or less, the price is £225 
  • if the longest side is between 80cm – 99cm, the price is £265
  • if the longest side is over 100cm (1m), ask for a quote.